Important Update

After sincere thought and consideration, I've decided to retire and so I will be closing my site down by the end of the year.

My domain names and are now for sale. Please email my hosting company for further deails.

Warmest wishes


Rose the Happy Medium

Crystal Rose, the Happy Medium is based in Bournemouth, Dorset UK.

Rose can advise on psychic matters, provide psychic readings and consultation on out of this world issues at down to earth prices. To arrange a reading, please email Rose.

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Crystal Rose - Psychic Medium

Clairvoyance, mediumship, palmistry & tarot reading have traditionally been the stuff of myth, on the edge of reality. Sweet old ladies, a little harmless fun.......

Unfortunate really, when you consider the level of evidence that now exists for 'life on the other side'.


Why a Medium?

At crucial junctures in life, many people feel the need for reassurance. And to some that may come in the form of messages from beyond. The art of listening to the spirits, or using a spirit guide to mediate defines modern psychic mediums, who can then pass on the relevant messages to the person concerned.

Rose has been a skilled practioner of this art for many years and is considered to be one of the best psychic mediums in Bournemouth. She has a number of regular clients and an ever-growing number of new people who have found help, guidance and solace from Rose's readings.


Good Morning Rose.
Thank you very much for the reading. It was very enlightening.

I started my new job position last week and I must admit you were right regarding your reading - I am finding it a little bit daunting at the moment. Thank you once again for the reading and I wish you all the best. If you do private readings I would be very much interested in booking a 1-2-1 reading with you so we could maybe discuss a few more things in depth.

I cannot imagine how you can get so many things so right without knowing me. Kept me going through the toughest bit. I will definitely be coming back to you in future.

Kind Regards
L. D.

I was interested but sceptical about a reading when my friend convinced me to give it a try.
I would like to say i was still sceptical but i am am quite stunned at what i was told in the reading.
Can I please, book a one to one reading with you at an agreed date in the near future.

Thanks so much.
J. W.

The New Medium

New Medium Rose has helped many people over the years; can she help you?

Tarot cards

tarot cards and readingTarot cards are used to foretell future events or to answer questions.


spiritual healingSpiritual healing may be 'hands on' or from a distance.


palmistryThe personal qualities of the hand mirror the soul.


meditationMeditation and relaxation are vital to balance mind and body.


NumerologyCharacter analysis by numbers using name, birth date and other relevant facts about you.